The People of Vietnam
The following sequence of photos were taken from convoys making their way from Bear Cat, northeast of Saigon in to the Delta Region in and around Dong Tam, southwest of Saigon. They show the small shops and everyday life that lined the roads in this area. The Delta was the "Bread Box" of South Vietnam in 1966 and 67. It was the richest part of Vietnam largely because of the French influence and exploitation of resources in this area when Vietnam was part of Indo-China and a French colony. Many French citizens settled in this area and built large grand colonial homes. The Delta's rich soil from the Mekong and Saigon Rivers made this area an agriculture paradise.
A Vietnamese Carpentry Shop
"All photos are circa 1966 and 1967"
From the collection of Ron Younger
City apartment house
City apartment house
"Next 8 photos are taken in the outskirts of Saigon"
A Vietnamese barber shop
The average home in the Delta Area was usually constructed of better materials as there was more money available to the city workers and shop owners. Notice the French influenced red tile roofing.
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