Ron Payne's Photo Page
Ron Payne arrived in Chu Lai in July 67 with the 175th Eng. Company. He served as a heavy equipment operator with Hq. Platoon 2nd. Sq. In November 67 he transferred to D Company 2/1 with the 196th as an infantryman. Ron served his time in and around Chu Lai at LZ Baldy & Ross until he left country in July 1969.
Ron's Time With D 2/1, of the 196th Nov. 67 to Aug. 68
"DOC" anyone have a name
Coming Back from Happy Valley
LZ Baldy
LZ Baldy
LZ Baldy
LZ Baldy's aid station
LZ Baldy
LZ Baldy
Convoy run to LZ Baldy
Ron Payne
Ron Payne
Sgt. Keoghs Squad D 2/1
Sgt. Ed Maxim's Squad D 2/1
Supply Sgt. & the First Sgt. D 2/1
Anyone have their names
Sgt. Webb on right D 2/1
Pfc. Ron Payne in Chu Lai 67
Pop The Singer at LZ Baldy 68
Ron Payne home Chu Lai 67
Ron's Time With the 175th Eng.
from Aug. to Oct. 67
Ron Payne out on the Bantagan Pennisula
Gary Bo Walters & Ron Payne
Gary Bo Walters
Ron Payne at Chu Lai
Ron Payne, Parkman, & Gary Walters
at Chu Lai
"Americas Children" doing a USO Show in Chu Lai
Down Town Chu Lai
"The Young Spices"  USO Show in Chu Lai